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Start Your Project Off Right

See how the 'epic difference' saves you time, money, and lots of headaches.
​our fanatical approach
to communication
​our vigilant
attention to detail

Our engineers and project managers start by reviewing your project plans.  We'll help you nail down the design, planning, and engineering of your system.  And you'll consistently get feedback on how we can optimize the installation, materials, and project timelines to meet your budget.


From complex facilities to small office applications, we guarantee that our expertise will make the process much simpler and more cost effective for you.

We work with you, your design consultants, and your contractors to reduce risks (and surprises) and ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.


​Epic chooses its team members carefully and assigns its project teams based on your specific needs:

Project Managers

We keep your project on schedule and on budget using our fanatical approach to communication.

Certified Installation Technicians

With years of experience working on highly complex systems, Epic has developed the highest quality standards for installing, dressing, & commissioning your system.  Expect nothing less than perfection.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Every step of the way, Epic relies on a defined process for checking and re-checking our work to identify issues early and ensure that you get the highest quality installation.

Procurement Experts

Epic leverages years of procurement experience to ensure that your BOM is accurate and that the right equipment and materials arrive on time and at the best possible price.

Travel and Staffing Experts

With team members working and living throughout the country, our staffing coordinators take great care to ensure that your project team is where it's supposed to be - when it's supposed to be there.


Once your project is completed, you won't be left alone.  During the installation process, Epic takes into account your future needs.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain, update, and upgrade your system when the need arises.


As an added convenience, Epic offers a variety of ongoing maintenance plans that cover repairs, updates, and even provide on-call labor for future upgrades.  Let our team design a plan that helps you rest at night knowing that help is a phone call away.

Our Specialties

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