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Our "Epic" Story

Epic got it's start as one of the most sought after systems integrators in southern California by working on highly complex multimedia projects in the Los Angeles entertainment industry.  Our decades of experience working on projects with such detailed and complex requirements taught us one thing early-on: quality matters.


While Epic still spends a lot of time installing complex broadcasting and post-production equipment into facilities across the country, we now use those skills to integrate systems in a number of industries... and we're still expanding our reach.


Epic Systems is family owned and operated, but the company has grown quite a bit from when it got its start in 2009.  Today, we work on multi-million dollar projects with sensitive timelines that can afford very few hiccups, and we do that with dozens of employees traveling to sites around the country.

We feel strongly about building solid, long-lasting relationships with clients, vendors, team members, and other tradespeople.  We want people to be excited to work with us.  We call this "the epic difference" and we build it into every project.

fanatical approach
to communication

Communicating with clients, vendors, team members, and other trades-people in a comprehensive and clear way to clarify issues, avoid delays, build consensus, & express gratitude.

​vigilant attention
to detail

Taking pride in every aspect of our work - and the work of our team members.  Knowing that the quality of the project will be remembered long after we leave each project.


& Core Values


Michael McConnell

President & Founder

Of course, there are many things that go into building a quality team, but it starts with a unwavering set of values.  We've chosen to share these values, not only for your benefit, but to also hold ourselves accountable:

Core Values

  • be highly skilled and be willing to learn new skills

  • take pride in the quality of our work

  • be a creative problem solver

  • build cohesiveness within a team

  • have integrity in our word and our work

  • keep a positive “can do” attitude and inventive spirit

Partnering with Epic

We are looking for opportunities to expand.
Technology & Equipment Manufacturers

Do you make or sell equipment that needs to be wired, connected, installed, or just plain turned on?

Systems Integrators

Are you an existing integrator looking to partner with Epic either to provide or hire overflow staff?

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